Wellness & Spa

Specialists are offering a series of therapies for your body and your soul. Choose the most appropriate therapy for you that Meltemi Hotels are offering and enjoy a unique experience of total rebirth


Let yourself enjoy the benefits of the ancient practice of aromatotherapy by companying the beneficial affects of essential oils that awaking body and mind. Relaxing massage with inhales of essential oils mixtures depending on your energy state. As a base of essential oils sweet almond oil has been chosen for its hydrating and calming affects.

Relaxing massage

The unique affects of relaxing massage that unlocks the muscles, reliefs from pains and offers deep relaxation and calm to your body.


Choose a type of massage that focusing on the energizing of the activation through nerve ending which lie at feet, hands, ears and corresponding areas. Reflexology is the best way to expel the accumulated toxins while toning the immune system.